Claremore Daily Progress

December 25, 2012

IT upgrades save city thousands

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — The City of Claremore information technology is getting an upgrade.

Everything from the new automated phone system to a virtual server environment, IT Director Tim White is making an impact.

“I have great expectations for the future as we move forward,” White said. “I have received great support from the city council.”

White has been instrumental in the changes that have been coming to the city and recently announced the virtual server project is 99 percent complete.

The city took 12 physical servers that were outdated out of service as they moved to the new virtual “cloud” environment.

“The virtual environment will give us greater flexibility and better reliability,” White said.

The project is expected to have long term cost savings for the city.

The entire network was upgraded as a result, not just one or two pieces, according to White.

The city has saved $35,000 alone in hardware cost and recouped a third of the cost of the project already, he added.

The cost would have been more than the virtual environment if the city had simply purchased new hardware.

“The virtualized network is running well,” White said. “It has helped us with a lot of production issues.”

The cost saving measure does not stop with the servers. White recently found that 42 separate phone lines were still being paid for monthly.

“The number to the old swimming pool was still in service,” White said. “The city has been paying for a phone line to an empty lot for years.”

The phone bill was approximately $3,400 a month now it will be $1,700, according to White.

The mistake was discovered during the upgrade to the new automated phone system.

A second phase of the phone system will be going live on the Jan. 4.

The offices that are not currently using an auto attendant will be going live at the point, according to White.

Citizens will have the added benefit of using a dial by name option when calling.

Another ongoing project is the installation of new computers at the Will Rogers Library.

The computers arrived this week and installation has already started, according to White.

Employee computers will be replaced first and the patron computers will be replaced the first and second weeks in January.

The city wants to continue to make a positive impact on the city for the citizens and employees, according to White.