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February 2, 2013

GOP leaders wrangle with growing caucuses



Moore said he wants to explore ways the state can capture federal money that flows directly to state agencies and have more oversight on how that money is spent. He also wants to create a task force to explore the idea of allowing the state to collect federal income taxes, keep the money in the state treasury to earn interest and then remit it to the federal government on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Rep. Mike Ritze, an osteopathic doctor from Broken Arrow and a self-described “hard-core constitutional conservative,” authored a measure in the House that would make it a felony to enforce the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Ritze said his plan is to resist through legislation any attempt to impose the federal health care law in Oklahoma.
Ritze said that while Shannon has clearly reached out to the conservative members of the caucus, it’s too early to tell how successful the new speaker will be navigating the ideological divisions.
“I’m encouraged that he is reaching out to everybody on all sides of the caucus,” Ritze said. “I think he’s a great individual, but I don’t know. How can you control 72 egos that are fired up on caffeine or power drinks or whatever else?”

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