Claremore Daily Progress

March 4, 2013

E911 Center plat and bids move forward

Salesha Wilken
Claremore Progress

CLAREMORE — The Rogers County Commissioners voted Monday to hire Kellogg Engineering to create the plat proposal for the new E911 Center.

Brian Kellogg has been working with the board on a number of recent projects.
Under the Oklahoma State Statutes,  professional services do not require the commissioners to go out for bids.
“The planning commission will be hearing a zoning issue for the center Tuesday,” Director Larry Curtis said.
“I believe the professional service contract is ready to be signed off,” Assistant District Attorney David Iski said.
The plat is just one step in the construction process for the new center.
E911 Director Janet Hamilton presented a bid proposal to the board for a  communication tower that will be needed on the site.
“I have contacted and been in discussions with Curtis about the tower,” Hamilton said.
The tower would be approximately 100 ft. tall and will be used to provide radio service to the center.
Bid specs include some industry specific items, according to Hamilton.
Locally, requirements include adding some time of vegetation at the base of the tower, she added.
“Are we sure that a radio company that we use in the future will require that they supply the tower? What are we going to do if we get a better price for leasing a tower,” commissioner Dan DeLozier asked.
“If we are going to lease radios then we would lease the tower, but keep in mind that if we break ties with that company they would take the tower,” Hamilton said.
If we go out for bid for the radios we can include that a tower be provided, she added.
“Either way we need to move forward; we can not wait and see what if,” Hamilton said.
The county would be building the pad and concrete base for the tower, according to commissioner Mike Helm.
The company would be expected to provide specs for the pad, commissioner Kirt Thacker said.
“Once I get the ok to move forward I will take it to the clerks office for publication,” Hamilton said.
The board approved the bid specs and bids for the tower are scheduled to open next week.