A three year old ministry at Claremore First Baptist, called Fusion Families, is connecting college students with local families for food, fun and fellowship.

The ministry started as a partnership between the church’s young adult ministry Fusion and the church at large.

Families within the church volunteer to adopt one or more college students and meet with them on a weekly basis for dinners, game nights and emotional and spiritual growth.

Ministry Assistant Rose Pisachubbe said, “Fusion is aimed to college-aged people to meet the needs of that age range.”

Trenton Guthrie, one of the students that has been a part of this ministry since the beginning.

Claremore First Baptists’ Fusion ministry does several events and get togethers on the RSU campus, which is one of the ways that most students hear about it.

Guthrie joined because his cousin was a part of the group.

“I was invited by her, got plugged in with a group of friends, and from there I just grew friendships with the leaders, pastors and the church,” Guthrie said.

When it comes to Fusion Families, “One of the key aspects of the ministry is what we look at as generational discipleship,” Guthrie said. “We felt that college students weren’t receiving that.”

“Generational discipleship revolves around wisdom,” Guthrie said. “Older families in the church, they have a lot more wisdom than we do, and if we really crave true discipleship, we crave their wisdom.”

One of the church members that adopts these young adults is Carol Jackson. She is the mentor to a handful of young ladies from RSU.

“We meet weekly for a bible study in my home, we have dinner … it’s just sort of like a grandma kind of thing,” Jackson said.

“The lord has called me to mentor young women,” she said. “My purpose is to help them grow to be women that are completely who they need to be both spiritually and emotionally.”

“We talk a lot about finding a mate, we talk about jobs, we talk about relationships. They feel free to talk about anything they want to talk about,” Jackson said.

Students or families interested in this ministry can reach out to Associate Pastor Scott Newton at scottnewton@claremorefirst.com.