The Owasso Police Department has been working to reduce the number of false burglar alarms received and a new city ordinance is aimed to do just that.

“In Owasso, 99 percent of all alarms are false,” said Owasso Deputy Chief of Police Jason Woodruff. “In the last two years, the OPD responded to more than 3,700 false alarms, which represented over 11 percent of Owasso’s total number of reactive calls for police service.

“In an effort to reduce false alarms, the City of Owasso recently approved a new ordinance which will require alarm users to register their alarms and will impose fees on false alarms,” he said.

Beginning Oct. 1, 2017, alarm users must register their home and business alarms online at under the Alarm Registration page. The cost of annual registration is $30 for residential locations and $100 for businesses.

With residential registration comes two free false alarms per year and registered businesses are allowed three false alarms without penalty.

“Our goal is to reduce false alarms, help educate the public, and provide better service to our citizens,” said Owasso Chief of Police Scott Chambless.

Education on reducing false alarms is also available via the online registered alarm account.

“To improve quality of service to citizens, alarm users will have the ability to enter timely details about their home or business that they want responders to know about,” Chambless said. “Perhaps they are on vacation and a neighbor has a key, or they have a special needs relative who is staying with them and might accidentally set off the alarm, or perhaps a family dog in the backyard that doesn't like anyone to trespass — even if the police are there to check the security of the home.”

Alarm users will be free from the fees imposed for false alarms or failure to register until Dec. 1, 2017.

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