A Claremore police officer narrowly missed being struck by an oncoming vehicle Sunday.

This is according to Claremore Police Department records which show Aaron Ramsey, Foyil, was arrested on the traffic offense and outstanding warrants.

"I was assisting another officer on a traffic stop. [Ramsey] was traveling northbound approaching our position. The driver did not slow down, and did not move over," Officer Jordan Keesler stated in the probable cause affidavit. "I had to press my body against the patrol car to avoid being struck by the driver."

The vehicle was then stopped and officers found the registration had expired. Additionally, they found Ramsey was wanted on three outstanding misdemeanor warrants.

Another traffic stop turned into an arrest for outstanding warrants for Keesler.

"I observed a vehicle driven by Scottie Ramsey. The vehicle's rear license plate was covered with dirt and not readable. I further observed two small children in the back seat which did not appear to be secured in child safety seats," Keesler reported.

Keesler stopped the vehicle and learned the Ramsey had a suspended license.

"The children in the car were three and four years old and Ramsey did not have any kind of car seat or booster seat for either child," Keesler reported in the affidavit. "Ramsey had two additional adults in the vehicle and none had a valid license."

Keesler said a half-filled plastic cup of alcohol was located during an inventory of the vehicle.

Ramsey was arrested and transported to the Rogers County Jail for three misdemeanor warrants, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, failure to protect child under age six and transporting an open container of alcohol. According to Rogers County Jail bond was later set at $11,424

"While I was transporting Ramsey to Rogers County Jail he attempted to open the passenger door using his mouth."

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