Arrest made in attempted Halloween robbery


This week an arrest was made in connection with a failed Halloween night robbery.

On Halloween Cpl. Pilkington, of Rogers County Sheriff's Office, was sent to Riverwood Drive in reference to an attempted first degree robbery.

Pilkington was told there were three males, all "older teenagers" in the area who were not in costume but that one was wearing a bandana over his face.

"The males were acting strange and said they were hungry, so I offered them more candy. They wanted to come inside and continued looking in my home. They then asked to have the pumpkins on the front porch and I told them no, I'm using those for Thanksgiving. The males talked about taking the pumpkins and how the pumpkin seeds taste good baked. The males left walking southbound into the neighborhood singing a song about getting high on marijuana," the man reportedly told law enforcement.

The alleged victims reportedly told law enforcement three males came to their residence to trick-or-treat. One of the males was later identified as Joshua Godfrey.

"Two presented pillowcases to accept candy, but when Godfrey was offered candy he stated 'no, I'm trying to lose weight,'" the victims stated, according to the affidavit.

Godfrey, according to the victims, appeared to be concealing a gun in the waistband of his pants.

The victims recalled Godfrey saying something about taking their dog with him.

Records show the three males returned to the residence a few hours later and knocked on the door of the un-lit residence.

Godfrey was said to have what appeared to be a gun concealed but pointed at the homeowner.

"He demanded a neon Budweiser sign hanging on the wall in the adjacent room," the victim reported. "The sign is not visible from the front door."

The homeowner said he retrieved a gun and told the three males to leave. The homeowner told law enforcement it was at that moment that Godfrey "charged him" and he shoved Godfrey back to create distance.

Out of self defense, he said, he pointed the gun at Godfrey, who still refused to leave.

Eventually the homeowner reportedly threatened to shoot and Godfrey left the residence.

Investigation, including surveillance footage, led law enforcement to learn Godfrey's identity and location.

Cpl. Pilkington reports speaking with Godfrey's father and "informing him that Joshua was going to be questioned about an incident that occurred in the Riverwood addition."

"I turned to leave and he said 'Joshua don't have a gun but he has a BB gun that resembles a gun.' I asked why he told me this. He stated 'well, you said the incident involved a weapon,'" Pilkington reported, adding that he hadn't disclosed the incident involved a weapon.

When asked, the man told law enforcement the BB gun did resemble a handgun.

In his interview with law enforcement Godfrey reportedly said he had been in Riverwood "ding don't ditching" with his friends.

He allegedly told law enforcement he'd seen the reflection of the neon sign in the window and began to "pester" the homeowner about it.

Godfrey said he joked with the homeowner about a bully stealing his candy and wanting $100 for it back.

Records quote Godfrey in telling law enforcement the homeowner retrieved a gun and ultimately "stepped off the porch and put his hands on Godfrey's chest."

"[The homeowner] pulled out a gun to the side of him and does a John Wayne maneuver and somewhat points the gun at him," Godfrey said.

To law enforcement, Godfrey disclosed that he told the homeowner "just shoot me" because "he does not value his life…but is not suicidal."

Godfrey allegedly admitted to having his hands on his waistband in a manner that would make someone believe he was concealing a gun.

"He said his pants are loose and that is why he had his hands there, holding his pants up," Pilkington said. "He stated that he lifted both hands and his pants dropped to his knees. He said he took a couple steps backward and then turned and walked off with his hands in the air and his pants around his knees."

Godfrey is facing a felony charge of attempted first degree robbery. Bond was set at $40,000 and Godfrey was ordered to have no contact with the alleged victims.

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