A man with a self-proclaimed father/daughter porn fetish was arrested on child sex abuse charges.

Rogers County court records show Thomas Brian Doyle Jr., of Claremore, is facing possible felony charges of indecent exposure and child sexual abuse.

Rogers County Sheriff's Office's Investigator Chase Cornish reports learning that a four-year old female disclosed that Doyle had sexually abused her.

The alleged incident was said to have happened in Chelsea, and interviews were then conducted by Chelsea Police Chief Rick Jones.

Jones reports that Doyle “admitted that (the juvenile) touched his genitalia on one occasion while he was gratifying himself and watching porn.”

Chief Jones also noted that Doyle "admitted that he has a porn fetish and watches father/daughter porn."

In his report, Investigator Cornish notes an additional allegation, this one from a 17-year old juvenile.

"The 17-year old juvenile disclosed to her mother that Doyle had been smoking meth with her and showing her porn. And that he had told her she could walk around naked if she wanted to and that he would have sex with her when she turned 18, if she wanted," according to Investigator Cornish's report.

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