Raincrow Art Post

An area artist's dream of surrounding herself with art while supporting other artists came true this week.

Friday was the official opening of Raincrow Art Post, located in the Ne-Mar Shopping Center in Claremore.

Owned by Kellie Vann, the store boasts a selection of art supplies— and big plans for the future.

"I am an artist myself. I have an art degree I haven't been using. Last Spring I won a couple awards in the Cherokee Heritage Center's Trail of Tears Art Show. One was second place in painting and one was first place emerging artist," Vann said. "I thought 'well, I'm not emerging very well if I'm not in art all the time.' At that time I was working in child welfare."

She said that's when the idea came to open an art supply store.

"To surround myself with art," she said. "My goal is to support working artists while also inspiring myself."

For now the store is stocked with paints, canvas, sketchbooks, pencils and the like but Vann said she has big plans for the space.

"There's space reserved where hopefully, by over summer, I will have a gallery. In the back I'll have a classroom for those that have the talent to teach," she said. "Right now I also have spaces available as artists come in and I get to know them, I can sell things they make whether it's prints or clay work."

The shop's logo, while eye-catching, is personal for Vann.

"Raincrow is a family name. My great-something grandmother that came here on the Trail of Tears was a Raincrow," she said.

Vann said she is excited to get to know her fellow artists in Claremore, having moved back to town two years ago.

Friday, just hours after she opened the doors for the first time Vann said—"It feels good, to see it all come about."

Raincrow Art Post is located at 999 W. Will Rogers Blvd. For more information call 918-519-1511 or follow them on Facebook.

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