In the coming weeks, the City of Claremore Planning staff will be writing a series of articles based on public interest and inquiry, as well as write-ups about projects that are ongoing or will be starting in the near future. The goal for this column is to help answer questions from the public about planning issues that citizens are concerned or interested about. By opening this up to the public, we hope to clarify any misunderstandings, as well as clearly communicate about the planning initiatives that the City of Claremore is currently working on. For instance, there will be a series of articles about the Comprehensive Plan efforts, the ongoing efforts to help revamp the alleys as usable public space, as well as our efforts to provide better pedestrian and bicycle connectivity. We hope this will answer some questions that the public has and keep them informed on our ongoing planning efforts. This column would not be possible without the help of our community partners. We would like to thank our partner, the Claremore Daily Progress, for allowing us to be featured in their publication. Please email me at with any questions or comments, or to ask a question for the next installment of “Ask A Planner.”

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