Reports of a man sleeping in a black SUV, in the middle of Will Rogers Blvd.  at 6:30p.m. Tuesday, drew the attention of Claremore Police Department.

Officers arrived on scene and reportedly found a black SUV blocking traffic in the inside lane of Will Rogers Blvd, near Owalla Ave.

They approached the vehicle and found the driver, Dorian Uzarraga, 35, asleep inside the vehicle.

Records show officers knocked loudly on the window multiple times before Uzarraga woke up.

He “appeared confused” and said he had just gotten off work, officers report.

“Uzarraga stumbled out of his car and admitted to drinking a 24oz Rum Clamato,” Officer Cassie Grettner noted in her report. “An empty can of Bud Light Clamato was found behind the driver’s seat and a bag full of ice and a cold, closed Bud Light Clamato was sitting next to Uzarraga in the passenger seat.”

She reports that his eyes were red and blood shot, and his speech slurred.

After “performing poorly” on the field sobriety tests, Uzarraga was arrested for actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence.