The state-mandated inspection cycle is underway with the Rogers County Assessor's Office.

Assessor Scott Marsh said state statute requires his office to visually inspect properties once very four years.

"We have 10,6989 pieces of property we have to look at," he said, adding that for the inspections, the county is divided into four sections.

This cycle, he said, they are focusing on western Claremore, Owasso and a small portion of Collinsville.

Marsh stressed that this is a visual inspection, not a revaluation.

"The visual inspections are just to make sure the data we're using is correct," he said.

"If one of our visual inspectors come by, they will be in white county vehicles with our county seal marked on the side. They will also be wearing their Rogers County Assessor's office badge with credentials. The visual inspection plan is to make sure we are keeping our records correct and clean," he said. "This does not mean we are raising your taxes. We are simplytaking note of anything new added or any removed from the property for assessment purposes. We use this information to reconcile differences between values based on replacement cost new less depreciation (RCNLD) and current comparable sales. Some examples of the things we check for are, but not limited to, cracks, wear and tear, missing shingles, additions, new garages, removed square footage or garages, outbuildings, etc."