A pistol and a baseball bat were noted in an assault arrest in Claremore.

Claremore Police Department responded to an incident on Jay Street involving both James and Jordan Watt.

Officers on scene were told by Jordan Watt that he was choked during a fight with his father James Watt.

“James told me he punched and pushed Jordan but did not choke him during the fight,” officers report. “James continued by telling me, Jordan punched him multiple times during the fight and that his own actions were in self-defense. James also told me that Jordan pointed a Sig Sauer .40 caliber pistol at him and hit him in the hand with a baseball bat.”

James Watt was arrested on felony domestic abuse by strangulation allegations. Jordan Watt was arrested on felony allegations of feloniously pointing a firearm and assault and battery with a deadly weapon and two outstanding warrants.