The City of Claremore and homeowner William Bethea reached an agreement Monday night to uphold City Manager Jim Thomas' original order to tear down the dilapidated home on Kates Avenue.

Bethea told the council that he came up with a team to help with ideas to better use the property. Local homebuilder Leland Warehime explained to the council that he is working with Bethea to tear down the home. In its place will stand a new duplex of which Bethea can live and the other spaces be rented out.

Leland and Bethea both asked the city to extend the tear down date from April 1 to May 1 of this year. The council voted unanimously to extend the date by one month.

The city also heard from Safenet Services Executive Director Donna Grabow on her privacy concerns for residents of the domestic violence shelter. Grabow voiced concerns as plans are made to build a $10 million dollar, 70-unit development called Harper Oaks. Grabow does not want to see homes built high enough to peer into the backyard or windows of the shelter, which she feels would violate the safety of residents.

Developer of Harper Oaks Brian Green spoke to the council and assured Grabow that the new development would respect the privacy of the Safenet Services shelter. The council then approved Ordinance 2017-3 which will allows a zoning change for the Harper Oaks development.

OVERPASS — Mayor Bill Flanagan and City Manager Jim Thomas also discussed the open meeting that will take place at 6 p.m. on Feb. 23 at the Holiday Inn Conference Center regarding the Franklin Road overpass.

SEWER LINE — City Planner Jill Ferenc announced that the Cherokee Nation will pay $19,750 to move the Justus-Tiawah schools sewer line so it can hook into the city sewer system.

Other items discussed were Claremore Day at the Capitol, which will take place on Monday, Feb. 13 and the approval of a transformer bid from Howard Industries and all reconditioned and transformer repairs to Wiley Transformers.

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