Laurence Bridges and girlfriend Rebecca Corley are facing felony charges in Rogers County this week.

Claremore Police Department says they began investigating the financial exploitation case in August of 2017.

An 82-year old female reportedly told officers she was taken to an AT&T store where Bridges and Corley activated cell phones on her account. The woman told officers she had never given them permission to get phones on her account. She began receiving bills she was unable to pay and ultimately, many of her own AT&T services were terminated, according to CPD.

The woman said she later received a letter from Synchrony Banks aging a Walmart credit card had been approved for her, though she never requested one. CPD reports she eventually got a bill for items purchased on the Walmart credit card that she had never seen.

She reportedly disclosed to the officers that Bridges and Corley had used her debit card to pay his fines for District Attorney-supervised probation and had never paid her back, per their agreement.

Investigator Mark Isaac interviewed Bridges last month. Bridges is quoted in telling officers that not only did he and Corley obtain the credit card in her name, but also got the phones on her account by lying to AT&T personnel stating he was her grandson. Bridges allegedly told the investigator he and Corley were responsible for other charges on her account, including charges for the XBox store and Netflix.

Bridges told the investigators he knew she was "a forgetful old woman, but did not think it was a big deal to borrow money from her," according to CPD records.

Bridges and Corley are facing felony charges of exploitation of an elderly person. Bond was set at $10,000 each.