From 2014-to-2021, Rogers County will see $149 million in transportation funds funneled into the highway system.
This year, the Association of Oklahoma General Contractors (AOGC) and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) are continuing their work on the 8-Year Construction Work Plan to improve state and U.S. highways/ interstates in Oklahoma. 
These two organizations will bring together contractors, elected officials and state leaders to continue the improvement of Oklahoma’s infrastructure. 
Rogers County projects will include the repair and replacement of deficient roads and bridges on I-44, US-412 and State Highways 20, 66 and 266. 
“Since the 8-Year Construction Work Plan was adopted, we’ve seen a significant reduction in structurally deficient roads and bridges in this state,” said Bobby Stem, AOGC executive director. “AOGC has a strong commitment to improving the infrastructure in Oklahoma for residents and travelers alike. This construction will help continue the development of our state, making Oklahoma more prosperous for generations to come. 
The transformation that these projects bring will almost immediately increase job growth and aid in economic development, according to ODOT officials.
The City of Claremore has been working with ODOT for the past year to secure funding to help connect Hwy. 20 to Hwy. 66.
“This project is a game changer for the City of Claremore,” said city manager Jim Thomas. “It will get built and we are targeting a fall 2018 grand opening at the railroad underpass.”
In 2014, $1.7 million is dedicated to utilities work along Hwy. 20 east of Keetonville Hill.
The intersections of Hwy. 20 and Clubhouse/Southhaven Road, as well as, Hwy. 20 and Trailwood Drive are slated for $3 million in intersection modifications.
In 2016, another $436,000 is dedicated to the connection of Hwy. 20 and Hwy. 66 in Claremore.
To push the connection to completion, ODOT has dedicated $30 million in 2021 to the Hwy. 20 connection to Hwy. 66.
City officials have partnered with ODOT on the project, fronting engineering costs for the Hwy. 20 expansion.
City leaders appear optimistic about the connection and the growth it will bring to Claremore.