According to the city website, Claremore Lake Park was developed in 1929 with the completion of the dam.

Prior to 1929, this area was farm land and large rock bluffs with Dog Creek running through it. Dog Creek travels from the north and is the main feeder creek for the Lake.

Located on 1200 acres off of East Blue Starr Drive, the lake is an ideal place to go relax with the family.

Public activities including fishing and boating with permits, playing on the playgrounds and the splash pad, disc golf, fields for impromptu ball games and lovely picnic areas.

There is also a walking trail that winds through the forested area in some parts and nearly touches the water in others.

But as visitors are enjoying their recreation of choice, they’re asked to respect the wildlife and their natural habitats.

“We have no hunting in the park, and if you see duck or squirrels around use common courtesy and don’t chase them with dogs or anything like that,” said. Lake Supervisor David Daniel. “If you’re walking and you see deer or foxes, just do like you would anywhere and respect their space.”

He added to steer clear of any snakes you might see near the water and not to try to touch any of the animals.

“Act with common sense. Respect nature and you’ll be alright,” Daniel said.