Claremore man gets 22 years for lewd proposals to a child

Shaun Lovell Franklin Hurst

A Claremore man was found guilty Tuesday of sex crimes, and jurors recommended a total of 22 years in prison.

Shaun Lovell Franklin Hurst, 37, was convicted in Muskogee County District Court of lewd or indecent proposals to a child under 16, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, endangering others while eluding/attempting to elude police and destroying evidence.

The jury recommended a 15-year

sentence for the lewd or indecent proposals conviction, five years for the assault and

battery conviction, and one year each for eluding and destroying evidence.

The judge ordered a presentence

investigation on Hurst, and his sentencing

is set for Dec. 14, according to court


Hurst was caught Aug. 4 2016, after attempting to find the fictional address in Muskogee of a fictional 15-year-old he had been communicating with through email, texts and phone calls, according to the probable cause affidavit in the case.

Hurst believed he was talking to and making arrangements to have sex with a girl named “Sofie” — who was actually Muskogee County Sheriff’s Deputy Melissa Jackson.

Testimony and evidence given in the courtroom showed that Hurst placed a Craigslist ad for a young, female “virgin,” and Jackson responded as the fictional


After communicating for some time, Hurst rented a hotel room in Muskogee, purchased condoms and other items used for sex and drove to Muskogee looking for “Sofie’s house.”

Hurst led police on a 127-mile pursuit when they tried to stop him near the street where he was looking for Sofie’s house, the affidavit says.

During that chase, Hurst slammed on his brakes in an effort to cause a police car to ram into him, and during the chase Hurst threw a cell phone with evidence on it out the window of his car.

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