A 25-year sentence was handed down Tuesday to a Claremore woman charged in an armed bank robbery.

Sharlene Owens appeared in Rogers County District Court before Judge Sheila Condren to learn her sentence in a 2016 offense—robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Owens is accused of pulling a handgun on a BancFirst teller and demanding money.

The case appeared before two judges, both who recused themselves because of conflicts, before landing before Condren Tuesday morning.

It was 9:54a.m. when Condren went on the record in the case.

In the felony offense, Owens was sentenced to 25-years in the Department of Corrections.

Additionally she was sentenced to one year post-incarceration probation and was ordered to pay all fines and costs associated with the case.

Owens is responsible for paying $5,495 in restitution.

"Is there anyone in attendance that wants to make a victim's impact statement," Condren asked in the nearly empty courtroom.

The question was met with silence.

The assistant district attorney said the bank tellers involved were contacted and given the opportunity to be present to provide a statement—though neither did.

Once the sentence was presented, Owens was asked if there was anything she would like to say.

A tearful Owens shook her head no.

Owens waived her right to remain in the Rogers County Jail for 10 days to contemplate appeal, opting instead to be immediately transported.

Reports made at the time of the incident show that Claremore Police Department spent months following leads that were ultimately dead ends. It wasn't until an unrelated warrant for her arrest was issued after Owens failed to appear in court on a shoplifting charge.

Later, when Owens had been arrested, records show she confessed "to robbing BancFirst using a handgun she stole from a relative."

The affidavit filed in the case shows that Owens provided law enforcement with specific details about the robbery—like how she concealed her appearance, statements made to the teller and how she escaped the area.

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