The Rogers County Clerk’s office is seeking recipients of money owed to them as a result of a mechanics lien placed on property for work completed dating back to 1994.

Mechanic liens affect titles to specific property and are filed in the property records department at the county clerk’s office. The recipient may either be the homeowner, business or both.

According to Rogers County Clerk Jeanne Heidlage, liens are usually filed against a property owner as a result of non-payment to a contractor or business. The person the lien is placed on can put up a bond amount of what the lien is - plus 25 percent. A property owner not satisfied with work or services provided may have refused paying for the services and want a district judge to determine the outcome of the disputed amount.

Meanwhile, once filed, a property owner can bond around the lien so the property can be sold or developed further, Heidlage said. “The bond ensures that the amount of the lien is secure pending the outcome.”

Recipients have until May 15 to go to the county clerk’s office with documents that follow statutory guidelines needed to claim the money.

The current unclaimed amount is approximately $26,500 dollars, which if it remains unclaimed, will go into the county’s general fund for use.

The county clerk’s office retains the funds until the case goes to court and the judge makes a determination of how much and where the money goes.

“I think what happens is people put a lien up and the judge does not award the full amount, then there is a balance that the person who put the bond up does not realize is here. It is a communication thing really,” she added.

Names of the persons the clerk has been unable to reach to return money will be published in a future legal publication. To inquire on the mechanic’s lien cash bond previously placed on property and see if you are due money back, please contact the Rogers County Clerk’s office at 918-923-4796.

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