Rogers County Board of Commissioners approved an amended version of a general interlocal agreement between Rogers County and the City of Claremore on a road project during a BOCC meeting Monday.

The Interlocal Contract for Government Services between the BOCC and the City of Claremore was established this time last year, which allows the county to assist the city with improving Southaven Road.

Civil Attorney Ben LePak said the initial contract was in general terms and only expressed intent for the city and county to work together. The amended contract “irons out” the details and key responsibilities, he emphasized.

The Southaven Road project will include substantial improvements, including the widening of Country Club Road that will start from King Road.

The city will bear the brunt of the cost and the county will assist with some funds — but mostly, the county will assist with labor and specialized road equipment, such as a milling machine.

Cherokee Nation granted $147,265 to the county to go towards the project, which is nearing the end of Phase 1.

The county agrees to pay for right of way up to the amount of the grant money received by Cherokee Nation and anything after that the county and city would split 50/50, according to LePak.

The agreement states the City of Claremore will pay for utility relocation and actual road construction for the project.

The county and city will use existing employees to remove trees and fences, while the county will pay for the cost of demolition and rebuilding of the bridge on Southaven.

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