From time to time, properties with unpaid taxes fall into county ownership.

According to Rogers County Treasurer Jason Carini, now it's time to auction off those properties.

On the auction block this time around are 14 properties ranging in size but all with a starting bid of $25.

Carini said the properties range from portions of driveways and culverts to larger properties—and the full list is available on the county website.

Of the 14 properties: four are in Claremore, six are in Chelsea, one is in Talala, one in Sequoyah, one in Inola and one is not in any town limits.

"No guarantee or warranty of title is offered by Rogers County. No abstract or title insurance is provided. Properties are sold "if is, as is, and where is." If a different individual is using a tract recently purchased for their own purposes, it will be up to the winning bidder to take possession and evict said individual," Carini said. "A Treasurer's Deed gives you title to the property, but not a clear and marketable title. In addition to the total amount bid, winning bidders must pay a $10.00 deed fee to the treasurer and a $15 filing fee with the county clerk."

The sale is scheduled for Oct. 2 in the media room on the second floor of the Rogers County Courthouse.

It kicks off at 9 a.m. but Carini suggests arriving early to register and get a paddle.

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