A Catoosa duo is facing felony cultivation and child neglect charges in Rogers County.

District Court records show Shaun Bothwell and Karly Dorland are facing criminal charges.

Records show it all started with a search warrant to check on the welfare of Dorland and her child, born Oct. 31.

"Karly, at the time of the child's birth, tested positive for amphetamines and marijuana," according to the affidavit.

The Department of Human Services forwarded the information on to investigators and a search warrant was obtained to ensure "there were no narcotics still in the residence that could cause harm to the child."

At the residence, investigators located the room occupied by Dorland, her boyfriend, and the child. They note locating burnt marijuana and marijuana seeds. Then, investigators report, they located a room that had been sealed off with thick industrial plastic.

"Investigators, upon removing the plastic, located what appeared to be a grow room used to cultivate marijuana. The room consisted of a ventilation system, aluminum foil covered walls, a heat lamp, and plant nutrients," according to the affidavit.

"Investigators then located a metal tin less than 18-inches above the baby's bed containing a glass light bulb that had been altered to smoke narcotics from."

The light bulb, they report, contained methamphetamine.

In speaking with law enforcement, Dorland allegedly said the marijuana growing in the residence belonged to her boyfriend, Shaun Bothwell.

Law enforcement quotes Dorland in saying—"I usually smoke one to two bowls a day."

When asked if she is smoking marijuana and breast feeding Dorland allegedly told investigators, “It’s just weed.”

"So in smoking marijuana and breast feeding the baby do you realize that what you intake is going into the baby and what the side effects could be in relation to developmental growth," the investigators report asking Dorland.

They said Dorland, "shrugged and said 'yeah.'"

Investigators report later finding messages in Dorland's phone about selling pills for profit.

Investigators said when they spoke to Bothwell, he said he knew Dorland was smoking marijuana and breastfeeding but that he "didn’t think it was a big deal."

Dorland is facing possible charges of cultivation of a controlled dangerous substance, child neglect, unlawful use of a communication device, possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Bothwell could be charged with cultivation of a controlled dangerous substance, child neglect and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

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