Things got a little hairy—but every child at Claremont Elementary School will be receiving a Christmas gift courtesy of Claremore Police Department.

For an entire month officers with Claremore Police Department participated in a No Shave November fundraiser, paying a fine each week for the privilege of growing out a beard.

“With over $8,500 raised we will be buying gifts for each of the 453 students at Claremont,” said Deputy Chief Steve Cox.

Students and teachers worked together to vote for best and worst beards at the end of the month.

The bragging rights of having the Best Beard went to Officer James Sutton. Sutton was rewarded with a half-day off and the privilege of keeping his facial hair for another month.

Officer Mark Isaac's beard was named the worst and Officer Greg Stone was recognized for raising the most money individually.

Cox said, “There were some good beards, there were some bad beards. And some had a little more gray in them than others. Our officers had a ball, they really did. They had a really good time. It was something different,” he said. “Some of these guys have had to shave every day for 20 years so this was a nice change-and knowing it was for a good cause.”

Cox said he and the officers were blown away by the community support.

“To raise that much money in 30 days is amazing,” he said. “And through social media we had people from out of state mailing us stuff. It was very cool.”

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