Currently the Claremore Middle School parking lot is far from paradise.

But a paving project that is a joint effort between the school, city, county and Cherokee Nation hopes to get it a little closer.

City Manager Jim Thomas described the middle school parking lot saying, "it's a bad situation," but some community partnerships and grant funding are aimed at making the bad good again.

"We were able to secure grants through Cherokee Nation. They're going to contribute $54,000 to this project. This sits in Rogers County Commissioner Dan Delozier's district. The plan is for the city and the county to use our equipment to grind the parking lot down and prep it for a professional company to come in and lay asphalt," Thomas said.

Thomas said, "We're looking at about 1,000 tons of asphalt to re-do that parking lot."

If the school district were forced to fund this project on their own, Thomas said he estimates the cost would come in around $200,000.

"With all of us working together we're going to be able to do it for about one-third of that," he said.

Thomas said the project has a tight timeline. With school going back in session Aug. 14, crews must be done before that time.

The agreement between city and county has been looked over city, county and school attorney and all agree it's on the up-and-up.

Thomas said the project would not have been possible without the partnership between all the entities involved.

“The working partnership between Rogers County, City of Claremore, Claremore Public Schools and the Cherokee Nation on this project is admirable. I am pleased we all recognize that we can accomplish great things for all when we work together,” said Cherokee Nation Tribal Councilor Keith Austin.