A man accused of removing a sword from its scabbard, holding the sword over his head and making threats has been arrested.

Records show 20-year old Cody Gower was arrested on allegations of assault with a dangerous weapon and assault on a police officer.

Officer Mark Book with Claremore Police Department reports being called to a scene in reference to a man with a sword, making threats.

Book was told Gower "became angry that two of his friends would not leave his room," records show.

Gower was placed under arrest but inside the patrol vehicle "began kicking the inside of the patrol car and banging his head on the window," according to Book's report.

The officer reports that when he tried to control Gower, he began "pulling away and screaming."

Later, Gower reportedly "grabbed Book's arms and used his long fingernails and dug them into the officer's arm in an attempt to injure him."

Gower was arrested and transported to Rogers County Jail.