A box of rings valued at $4,150 was one of the items reportedly taken in a Chelsea burglary.

Rogers County Sheriff's Office reports arresting Angela Field on second degree burglary, receiving stolen property charges, both felony.

The alleged victim in the case told law enforcement she allowed Field to stay at her residence overnight only to later return to discover "that someone had broken into her residence through a window and stolen several things including a box of rings, a firearm and money."

While on scene gathering information, Deputy Zach Starkey saw a vehicle pull into the driveway of the residence.

It was Field.

While speaking with her deputies asked if she had anything with identifying information in her purse, as she disclosed she did not have drivers license.

"Angela became really nervous as she was looking through her purse," Starkey reported. "While Angela was looking for identification, Corporal Haning observed an exposed kitchen knife in the purse, and took the purse away from her due to the weapon in the purse. When Corporal Haning took the purse, he observed syringes with exposed tips inside of the purse in plain view."

Field was placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia.

When asked about the burglary, Field reportedly admitted that she "used a shovel to break the glass window of the residence and stole a box of rings…in order to sell the rings and buy drugs."

However, the deputy's report shows that Fields denied all of the other items that were stolen.

Reports show Haning located the box of rings in Field's purse.