Chiropractor Brett Murray of Reset Chiropractic in Claremore has moved his practice to a new location at 609 South Brady St. Suite 117 and is now offering a new medical therapy service called cryotherapy.

The new building allows Murray to work with three times the space as his former facility at a total of 1,500 square feet. The new location is furnished with two treatment rooms, a physical therapy bay and a room for the cryosauna.

“The plan has always been for me to move over here, but it just took longer,” Murray said. “We had a grand opening last Thursday, but I was in here for at least a week before that. I’m very excited to be here.”

The full body cryotherapy machine uses low temperatures for medical therapy, which helps provide pain relief from muscles, sprains and swelling.

“Cryotherapy has gotten really popular in the last five to ten years,” Murray said. “It fits right in with people that I treat and see all of the time. It’s really big with athletes. Anybody who has any kind of sports injury or has had a recent orthopedic surgery, anything like that, it shortens their recovery period.”

Nitrogen is slowly released and stays at a target temperature of  -230 degrees Fahrenheit or -145 degrees Celsius. Liquid nitrogen pumps into the cryosauna through the backside and forms into gas which stays within the unit, and the temperature is controlled by a computer panel.

Cryotherapy had originally been designed for people who have chronic inflammatory conditions or autoimmune disorders that attacked joints like rheumatoid arthritis, but is now used for much more than that, according to Murray.

“It’s for muscle recovery, to decrease inflammation, and a big side bonus is that the average person will burn an extra 500 calories in a 24-hour period after they do it,” Murray said. “It bumps up your metabolic rate because it’s cold.”

The starting time for beginners is two minutes in the cryosauna and the maximum amount of time is three minutes. Murray said that the cryosauna is equivalent to a 60-minute ice bath but at a fraction of the time and at a colder temperature.

“The person needs to wear a swimsuit or undergarments without any metal,” Murray said. “You have to have knee high socks, which I provide and wool gloves. We have a changing area there and we have robes.”

Common problems like osteoarthritis or any kind of pain can be treated with cryotherapy, he said. The closest chiropractic office to offer cryotherapy other than Murray is located in Tulsa. Prices start out at $35 per session.

“My prices are extremely competitive, especially for our area, meaning that it’s cheaper to do it here rather than driving to Tulsa and doing it,” Murray said. “We offer package deals where if you buy five at once, it’s buy four get one free. You can buy 10 at once, which is buy eight get two free. You can do a monthly membership, which is the cheapest, at $199 with 12 sessions. They have to be used within a 30-day period.”

In the near future, Murray will be adding information to his website, Facebook Page, and his Reset Chiropractic & Cryo App where patients can schedule appointments, pay and see what services are available.

“It makes things way more convenient for scheduling,” Murray said. “They don’t have to call, they can just look online and figure out what time they want, click it and they can pay while they’re doing it.”

The new Reset Chiropractic location is now open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to noon on Friday. It also offers both walk-ins and scheduled appointments. For more information, call 918-283-4303 or visit

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