As of Monday morning, three people are facing child abuse charges in Rogers County District Court.

Arrest warrants were issued for Joe Clark, 42, Matthew Alexander, 22 and Jaquelyn Archie, 31, all of Claremore.

Records show each of the three are facing possible felony counts of child abuse by injury and enabling child abuse by injury.

Bond on the warrant was set at $125,000 for Archie, $100,000 for Clark and $100,000 for Alexander.

According to the affidavit for the arrest warrant, a juvenile victim was "physically and mentally abused over the course of several months.

During these incidents, according to the report, the victim "was physically and mentally tortured which resulted in severe pain and suffering, both physical and mental, intentionally inflicted on him for such purposes as punishing him."

The affidavit outlines several alleged incidents in which the juvenile received punishment in the form of "military style physical training" led by Joe Clark and Matthew Alexander.

Alexander, according to the affidavit, is currently a member of the Army National Guard, and has been for approximately two years.

In once incident the juvenile was reportedly forced to do several exercises while Alexander would "yell at him in a military drill sergeant manner, while Clark would hit him with a knife sheath."

"Clark was not satisfied with the reaction he was getting from the juvenile while hitting him , therefore Clark retrieved a Taser and a wooden spoon," according to records.

The Taser was used for intimidation while "Clark did use the wooden spoon to strike the juvenile several times throughout the punishment."

Records show the victim's mother reportedly "struck him in the face with her hand, causing a bruise."

"After he was struck in the face, he was made to do three 'good pushups,'" according to the affidavit. "After he completed the pushups Alexander, Clark and the juvenile went on a run where he was advised by Alexander if he slowed down or didn't keep up with the adults he would do burpees."

Another incident involved the adults waking the juvenile up after midnight to perform more "military style exercise."

The affidavit describes the juvenile being demoralized and "struck by a switch" every time he did a pushup incorrectly.

All three were ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim.

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