Cody Bell

Multiple agencies were involved in a high-speed pursuit in which a driver ran multiple road blocks.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper McMillan reportedly noticed a Ford Ranger eastbound on Hwy. 412 traveling 83 miles per hour, according to the affidavit filed in the case.

McMillan reports activating his lights and siren in attempt to stop the vehicle on Hwy. 412

The driver, later identified as Cody Wayne Bell of Sand Springs, pulled to the shoulder and came to a stop, but as McMillan exited his patrol vehicle, Bell sped away.

"The pursuit continued east on Hwy. 412 across the Verdigris River where Grand River Dam Authority Officer Hembry had set up stop sticks," McMillan reported. "The truck proceeded around the stop sticks and roadblock continuing east on Hwy. 412 to County Road 417."

McMillan reported that Bell was traveling at roughly 90 miles per hour as he turned down several county roads, ran multiple stop signs, nearly struck a vehicle and a tractor, and navigated around more law enforcement roadblocks.

Bell proceeded across Hwy. 88 without slowing down and "went airborne across the railroad tracks on County Road 52."

When officers were able to stop the vehicle, they noted Bell had an open container of Budweiser beer in between his legs, and several open containers of Budweiser in the truck.

Bell reportedly told officers he did not have a license.

McMillan transported Bell to the Rogers County Jail. Records show Bell is facing three possible charges of failure to stop for a roadblock, one felony count of attempting to elude officers and endangering others, transporting an open container, driving while license is revoked and speeding.

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