Four pounds of marijuana-infused edibles bearing Colorado Medical Cannabis labels, and a loaded gun, were seized in an arrest Monday night.

Rogers County Sheriff's Office arrested David Kelley and Jaquan Allen, of Lewisville and Grand Prairie, Texas, in the early morning hours Monday.

Deputy Ronald Walker reports stopping the vehicle after seeing it merge without a signal and swerve onto the shoulder of the roadway.

Walker said he approached the vehicle, introduced himself to the occupants, and was "confronted with a strong odor of marijuana, and an overwhelming cover odor."

In his report, Walker notes seeing four different types of air freshener in the vehicle.

"Both subjects' hands were shaking badly and they stared straight out the windshield," Walker said, adding that he asked the driver to exit the vehicle. "At that time I noticed a handgun in the driver's side door pocket."

The driver was identified as David Kelley and the passenger as Jaquan Allen.

"Kelley stated he was en route back from Milwaukee, WI., where he dropped his child back off at her mom's so she could begin school in the fall," Walker reported. "He admitted to a small amount of marijuana in the glove box but insisted he was not under the influence."

Allen reportedly "admitted to marijuana use in the vehicle before the sun went down, but stated they had used it all up."

Walker's search of the vehicle did find marijuana in the glove box—along with another bag under the front passenger seat for a combined weight of approximately 18 grams, according to records filed in the case.

"I located a total of 39 marijuana edibles in the rear cargo area of the vehicle. Five were in a jar and the remaining 34 were in a space bag that is designed to be vacuum sealed," Walker said.

The combined gross field weight of the edibles, Walker said, was 4.2 pounds.

He later notes that the handgun was loaded but not chambered.

Both men were transported to Rogers County Jail and are facing charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of a controlled dangerous substance without a tax stamp, and possession of a firearm in commission of a felony.

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