Early Tuesday morning a task force of area law enforcement officers descended on a Chelsea residence.

According to Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, the Rogers County THUG task force began their investigation into the manufacturing of methamphetamine in January after receiving an anonymous tip from someone saying they had “observed the use and manufacturing of meth at the residence of David and Andrea Nickerson.”

Investigators discovered, through the Justice Exchange, the pseudoephedrine registry, that six individuals had been purchasing a large amount of pseudoephedrine: David Nickerson, Andrea Nickerson, James Gann, Shawn Couch, Bradley Holmes and Rebecca Robinson.

RCSO reports that over 215 boxes of pseudoephedrine were purchased, or attempted to be purchased, between the six individuals over a period of four or five years. Law enforcement says the amount being purchased was consistent with the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

“The amount of pseudoephedrine that has been purchased by these six individuals from 2013 to present is over 580 grams, or 580,000 milligrams. This calculates out to be over one pound and three ounces of product/methamphetamine,” according to RCSO. “The average price per gram of methamphetamine is $100. The amount manufactured by the six individuals would have an estimated street value around $58,000.”

Law enforcement learned that all of the individuals but Couch lived less than a mile from the others just north of Chelsea.

On Tuesday morning the task force served a search warrant at the residences.

Major Coy Jenkins said all six individuals were arrested. He said charges, once they’re filed, will range from possession of methamphetamine and manufacturing methamphetamine to child neglect.

Jenkins said four children, between the ages of 7 and 15, were present at the time the warrants were served.

“During the search of one residence they located an improvised explosive device,” Jenkins said. “So Tulsa Police Department’s Bomb Squad and ATF were called. They examined the device and determined it was very lethal.”

He said the detonated the device on site.

He said a total of 14 labs were recovered “along with a cook room.”

All six arrests were made without incident.

Jenkins said the RCSO task force reached out to the District 12 District Attorney’s Task force and the Cherokee Marshal Service for assistance.

Sheriff Scott Walton acknowledged the efforts of the law enforcement officers involved in executing the warrant. He added, “The targets were career criminals who don’t work and cook dope and involved themselves in illegal.” We’ve got children in a house that was dangerous in every way,” Walton said. “Absolute idiots that will subject a child to these conditions.”

Walton said law enforcement focuses on drug endangered children— “A term we know all too well. And these kids were the poster children for drug endangered children.”

He said, “What person in their right mind wants their children around?”

RCSO said the investigation is ongoing.