Mark Bowling accepts the Sheriff’s Citizen Appreciation Award at the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, Sept. 12

Mark Bowling didn’t waste a second before jumping into action to assist Rogers County Sheriff’s Deputy Brent Longhorn, and now he’s being honored for it.

On August 27, Longhorn was involved in traffic stop that quickly became combative.

Bowling witnessed the deputy and suspect in a tussle and pulled over to the side of the road.

“I saw an officer in trouble and I didn’t think twice about it,” Bowling said.

Bowling got out of his car and ran up behind the suspect, grabbing him in what he described as a “bear hug.” However, he let go when Longhorn said he was going to use his taser.

The taser fired, but it was ineffective. The suspect removed the prongs from his skin and took off running.

“I jumped back into my truck and then I chased him into a field,” Bowling said.

The suspect ran into some briar bushes and was caught on some thorns, which gave Bowling time to catch up, extricate him from the plant, and return him back to the side of the road.

“I figured it was kind of a civil duty type of thing,” Bowling said. “I didn’t think anything of it, it was kind of like going to work.”

“This serves as a healthy reminder that the community wraps it’s arms around this agency and supports us,” Sheriff Scott Walton said. “When somebody goes out and puts themselves in harm’s way to help one of us, we’re very grateful.”

Walton said that Bowling’s actions serve as a reminder that people in Rogers County truly support law enforcement.

“We see this stuff throughout the nation, where law enforcement is criticized for their actions,” Walton said. “But when somebody will stop, jump out of their vehicle and throw themselves in the middle of a physical altercation to help us, all we can say is thank you.”

Bowling was awarded a plaque and invited to join the Sheriff’s department annual Christmas dinner.

“It’s been quite an experience,” Bowling said. “I’ve never received anything my whole life, and this kind of surprised me.”