Getting to know the Claremore City Council candidates: Shelly Taylor

Shelly Taylor

Editor’s note: The following is a submitted campaign announcement.

I’m not a business owner, wealthy, or part of the good ol’ boy society — I am simply a lifelong resident that loves her home town. As a nurse, I have devoted my life to caring for those in need. This ranges from caring for patients, handing out care bags to homeless, rescuing animals, and most recently to standing up for the citizens I live beside regarding the problematic electric bills in the City of Claremore.

When my neighbors, friends, and other residents shared their stories and struggles with me, I listened. I have been their voice, although it has caused me personal resistance from those in charge.

I started a battle for the citizens with the Claremore Electric Petition social media page that has turned into a great deal of media attention and focus on the problems and ways to find solutions. I want to extend this attitude of seeking the best solutions to all areas that need attention in this city to restore a better system and overall city government.

I will listen, find solutions, keep promises, and will not be bullied. I am strong, willing, and able to be a voice and a warrior for the citizens of Claremore who deserve nothing but the best representation. I would appreciate the opportunity to be your voice on the city council.

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