Hope Harbor is excited to announce the official Ground Breaking for Stumpff Cottage, named for the Stumpff family of Stumpff Funeral Homes and American Century Life Insurance in Tulsa, OK. Last year, we began a capital campaign to raise money to expand our services. Stumpff Cottage will be the first of three new cottages, which will allow us to provide family reconciliation for more families. We also expanded our on-site accredited school, Hope Harbor Academy, this year and opened enrollment to outside students. The Hope Harbor family is growing and we love it! Please join us on September 29 at 2pm for this historic ground breaking. We will also have our first Run for Hope Fun Run and 5K on that day as well as our Fall Disc Golf Tournament and Annual Open House, Fish Fry, and BBQ. See our website at www.hopeharborinc.org for more information.

Hope Harbor is a Family Reconciliation Program located in Claremore, OK. Our immersive program is designed to meet the physical, emotional, academic, and spiritual needs of children and their families in a single comprehensive program encompassing all aspects of life. The program fuses intentionally designed trauma responsive cottages with a dynamic and challenging classroom environment, while incorporating a vital spiritual life, quality mental health care, intentional character development, and purposeful family growth into every aspect of life.