Trevor Smith

When Trevor Smith saw the emergency lights and sirens of a cop car behind him, he allegedly attempted to evade the police by speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and ignoring police barricades.

This is is all according to Claremore Police Department records which show Smith was arrested Thursday evening. A CPD officer reports attempting to stop the vehicle in the 1300 block of Lynn Riggs Blvd.

Reports show, "The vehicle was aggressively weaving in and out of traffic on S Lynn Riggs Blvd. The vehicle abruptly cut through the center median and turned back Northbound on S HWY 66. The vehicle then turned eastbound into a personal drive and lost control, cutting donuts on private property. The vehicle traveled back out to S HWY 66 from the personal drive and continued Northbound. The vehicle then turned Eastbound onto E Aspen Dr. Due to the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, it lost control turning onto E Aspen Dr. and almost struck an ATM machine. Upon the vehicle cutting donuts in the grass

just north of E Aspen Dr, the vehicle traveled through the grass back up onto S HWY 66 traveling Northbound."

CPD's Lt. Doug Woodward set up stop sticks on the northbound lane of Hwy. 66 and King Road but Smith reportedly cut through the median, missing the stop sticks.

The pursuit continued to east 510 Road where Smith drove down a gravel road and into the grass.

CPD says the driver, Smith, and front seat passenger bailed out of the vehicle and ran into the woods.

The two back seat passengers, however, were apprehended.

Smith and the passenger were ultimately apprehended.

A search of the vehicle yielded drug paraphernalia and Xanax.