A trio of women in the Rogers County Jail were called vicious by their fellow inmates.

This is according to Rogers County Sheriff's Office records that show three inmates were arrested following false accusations that a male jail nurse had inappropriately touched them.

RCSO reports that Kimberly Broyles, Tina Spurgeon and Kira Dye are currently incarcerated within the Rogers County Jail. All three are facing new felony charges.

In May, Investigator Kyle Baker, with RCSO, received information that a jail nurse had inappropriately touched several female inmates in the medical office.

Baker spoke to Spurgeon who said [the nurse] would touch her breast and that he would position her so they were not in view of the security cameras. She allegedly told the investigator it had been happening for several months.

According to Baker's report, Dye's statement was much the same. She added that [the nurse] had "exposed her breast during an EKG" and that he lets other female inmates touch him.

Broyles allegedly reported that he had exposed her breast during an EKG and that he would "rub up against her" while taking her blood pressure. According to Baker, Broyles reported the nurse had touched over 10 female inmates.

Records show Dye provided the investigator with the name of another alleged victim. In speaking with her, though, the investigator got a different story.

"She was surprised that I was talking to her about [the nurse]. She reported she has seen him multiple times and it was professional and he has never touched her inappropriately," Baker reported from the alleged additional victim.

Dye named yet another woman as a victim, according to Baker.

This inmate reportedly told Baker the three women had been seen flirting with the nurse and that "the girls are making fake medical problems to flirt with him."

"Dye told her she has a right to flirt with the male officers," Baker quoted. "She reported the females are making up stories, trying to get him fired because he is not giving them the right medications. She reported that Dye said they are trying to gang up on him to get money to file a lawsuit."

The woman alleged that Dye had approached her, asking her to say [the nurse] had touched her as well.

Another inmate "reported she heard Dye and Broyles talking and getting their stories straight on what they were going to say."

This inmate reportedly confronted the women aid said "they were dealing with someone's life and it wasn't right."

She reportedly said Dye was the ring leader of it all, that they are after his money and that "these girls are being vicious."

All three women are facing charges of false reporting of a crime, other crimes against public justice and attempt to obtain cash by fraud.