INOLA — The Inola Board of Trustees voted Monday to increase the water rate for administrative overages by 2 percent.

This increase for residents corresponds with a July 30 vote by the Board to accept a rate increase from Rural Water District 2 from $3.67 per 1000 gallons to $3.72 per 1000 gallons.

“Each time we get an increase from our water district, we have to, unfortunately, pass the 2 percent onto our customers,” said Trustee Billy Wilson. “Not because I want to, but because we have to.”

Trustee Dan Corle asked Wilson to explain what administrative overages were.

“Water loss is the largest reason,” Wilson said. “We do not have a closed system were we do not lose water. Not yet, we’re working on it.”

Also involved in that two percent is additional cost on the Public Works Authority.

“This is only a 2 percent increase after the first 1,000 gallons,” Wilson said.