Casey Lomax

A man, claiming to be a California firefighter, was arrested after allegedly telling law enforcement he forgot he had $12,000 in drug proceeds in his vehicle.

Casey Lomax was stopped for a traffic violation by Rogers County Sheriff's Office.

During the traffic stop deputy Webb reports immediately noting the strong cover odor coming from the vehicle.

While the deputy was putting in a call to the El Paso Information Center to do a records check, Lomax reportedly said he was driving back home to California, from Chicago where he had spent a few weeks seeing friends and family.

Lomax told the deputy he was a firefighter for a living, according to the deputy.

"I asked Casey if he had ever been in any trouble. He told me he spent just under 14 years in prison for armed robbery in California," deputy Webb reports. "I asked Casey if he had ever been in any trouble for narcotics. He told me he had never been in any trouble for drugs whatsoever. I knew this was false because E.P.I.C advised me that Casey had been arrested for purchasing and possessing cocaine based powder in 1995."

Also on scene to assist was Lt. Walker and Deputy Hamilton who advised there was a heavy odor of marijuana in the vehicle. When asked, Lomax reportedly admitted to having some marijuana in the backpack on the backseat, but said it "was less than two ounces."

When asked, Lomax told deputies he did not have a large amount of currency or any other narcotics in the vehicle.

"Approximately 15 seconds" into the search Lt. Walker located two mason jars of marijuana inside the backpack. Also in the backpack—"12 bundles of cash."

Deputies report asking Lomax why he didn't disclose the presence of the cash and Lomax allegedly said he "forgot it was there."

According to the deputies' report, Lomax said he wasn't positive exactly how much cash was present, "but he was pretty sure it was between $11,000 and $14,000.

En route to the jail, deputies say Lomax explained the cash saying he had been in New York for 12 weeks doing handyman work, for which he was paid under the table.

Deputies found a total of $12,040 in the vehicle.

Lomax is facing charges of possession of drug proceeds, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond was set at $13,500.