Scam alert

Area law enforcement wants residents to be aware of ongoing phone scams.

One such scam being perpetrated involves a scammer identifying themselves as a deputy with the sheriff's office.

Sheriff Scott Walton said they became aware of this particular scam Friday afternoon when a victim of the scam called in to report that she had been defrauded of $5,300.

"Rogers County Sheriff's Office wants to warn individuals about a telephone scam occurring regularly and particularly preying on senior members of our community. The bogus telephone caller will try to convince people that he is a deputy with the Sheriff's Office and is demanding payment of a fine for not appearing for jury duty. He will try to get people to go to a convenience store, purchase a Green Dot Card, and provide the scammer with the number on that card, without ever seeing them in person. This is an outright scam," RCSO reported. "Our Deputies never solicit money for fines, or subject people to harassment of this nature."

Walton said anyone who calls the number back will hear a recording that sounds both professional and extremely believable.

"This isn't someone with a heavy accent, this recording says you've reached the Sheriff's office court services division, press one for this, etc.," Walton said.

"It all comes down to this, if somebody requests payment for you for anything, question it. If they request it by way of gift cards, green dot cards, iTune cards, question it,” he said.

He said much of the money goes out of the country and there's very little investigators can do after the fact.

Claremore Police Department records show a different fraud attempt was reported Monday night.

A Claremore officer was assigned to investigate a fraud in which an individual "found a rent house online and was told to wire $800 for a deposit to Dallas, Texas," according to CPD records.

"She contacted the rent house owner and they stated they did not have any offices or employees in Texas."

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