Chairpersons for the various divisions have been identified and are having regular meetings to get the drive under way.

Potential Trailblazers have been contacted, but any companies interested in becoming a Trailblazer for this year’s campaign are welcome to contact Trease at 342-6796.

Committee chairmen on the board gave their reports and the letters had been received from the agencies for their allocations’ request. The Allocations Committee has the task of overseeing this approval.

The goal for the 2006-2007 campaign has not yet been specified. Several fundraising events have been identified and will be posted when the campaign begins in September. It was voted not to have the Cigar Dinner this year. There will be a style show which promises to a good fundraising replacement.

Two agencies with unexpected costs mandated to them approached the board for assistance to meet these needs. It was voted to help them on a one-time basis.

The campaign chair-elect has been identified and will be announced at the next meeting. The board’s regular meeting has been changed to June 27 due to scheduling conflicts.