Rogers County's commissioners have gone live.

Every Monday morning the Board of County Commissioners goes live on Facebook, inviting the public to watch their open meeting discussing county business.

"Since we started doing our meetings live on Facebook, we've had overwhelming positive response," said Commissioner Steve Hendrix. "We're exploring the possibility of upgrading the system so the Facebook live audience can better hear the speakers in the room."

Hendrix said this is all "to further increase transparency of our meetings."

The commissioners discussed adding additional cameras, so those watching online can see the commissioners as well as who is speaking to them. Additional microphones would be added, too.

Currently the commissioners are reviewing proposals from businesses interested in tackling the upgrade.

They said views and interactions on Facebook grow every week.

"I think it's a great idea. I think it will be well received. We've had such tremendous positive feedback on what we're already doing. To be able to let the audience see you and hear what you're saying to us right now would be a tremendous benefit for the county," Hendrix said.