CHELSEA — Two juveniles and two adults were taken to the Rogers County Jail this afternoon following a driveby shooting on a rural county road that sent one man to the hospital.

Chelsea Police Chief Kenny Kelsey said around 1 p.m. today, two cars were driving on county Road 424 toward Highway 66 when one pulled up beside the other car and shot into the vehicle hitting at least one person.

The victim and a passenger drove to John’s Refuse in the Chelsea Industrial Park where they called 911. The victim reportedly had three fingers shot off.

The victim was transported by air ambulance to Tulsa.

Acting on an all points bulletin from the County Sheriff’s Office, Chelsea police began a search for the suspects and the vehicle with which they were familiar.

In the meantime, a relative of the suspects brought two of them into the Chelsea Police Department to turn themselves in. The other suspects were rounded up by law enforcement agents working with the County Sheriff, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Talala Police Department.

Kelsey said the car was recovered and inside were three 12-gauge shotguns.

County investigator in charge of the case is Sara Whitworth.

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