Lake Patrol officials are still trying to locate the body of a Winganon woman who went missing on Oologah Lake Sunday.

Paul Jones and Carol Crosby launched a 14-foot aluminum boat at a boat ramp at Allen’s Point Sunday afternoon. Jones’ truck and boat trailer were left at the RV resort which caused someone to alert authorities.

On Thursday, shortly after noon, the boat was found in some brush partially submerged approximately two miles north of Winganon Bridge on the east side of the lake. A few hours later, searchers found the body of Jones.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Lake Patrol officials searched for Crosby into the evening Thursday and have resumed their search this morning.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said Thursday morning the high water level of the lake could cause boaters some problems.

“Because the water is so high, there is debris floating around there that can be dangerous for boaters,” Walton said. “They were in a small boat with little or no flotation ability, and it could go right to the bottom. With the lake this high, that water is moving pretty good.”

Oologah Lake is reported as being 9-feet above normal levels.

OHP spent most of Tuesday on the water and in the sky searching for any sign of the boat or the couple, according to Walton. The Army Corps of Engineers also assisted in the search.

Walton said deputies checked Jones’ residence and that he had “left everything there.” The couple’s family is from Texas and is at Jones’ residence taking care of the home and the dogs, Walton added.

At this point in the investigation, Walton said there doesn’t seem to be any sign of foul play and that the lake’s water level is probably to blame.

“With the water level the way it is, it’s a rough lake and in a small boat, that’s a lot of lake,” he said.