CATOOSA— Town trustees voted to adopt an ordinance requiring food handlers to obtain a permit and providing for exceptions at the regular Tuesday night meeting. Exceptions would include occasional nonprofit fundraisers such as Hometown Halloween. City and county health departments would take care of providing training and issuing the permits. Permits are low-cost and training includes basic, safe food handling procedures.

“It’s my understanding that each community has the option to adopt it,” said Vice Mayor Mike Appel who researched and presented the issue.

Area restaurants will be notified by mail. A ninety-day period should allow all affected by the ordinance to come into compliance.

Council members commented on the developments involving the Barstow property. In the December 18, 2006 meeting, trustees had voted to go ahead with plans to demolish a dilapidated building owned by Ed Barstow at 430 South Cherokee across from Cherokee Elementary School. Though the council was agreeable to new renovation plans presented by Barstow following unforeseen circumstances that had hindered progress in the renovation process, they had voted against overturning an earlier decision for demolition. The December decision was based on the council’s inability to implement a time frame for compliance at that point in the process.

On January 4, 2007 Barstow and city officials appeared before Judge Dynda Post and she issued a temporary injunction against demolition, providing renovations are in place by June 1.

In other council business, Dennis Huntley, Bill Scullawl, Jeff Conklin and Terry O’Donnell were appointed to the Catoosa Board of Adjustment. Seat 5 on the board is still vacant and will be reposted.

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