Chelsea officials made good on an agreement made two years ago to provide sewer to an annexed property.

George Downs has waited two years for the city to extend the sewer line to his property, just south of Chelsea. Now, with special conditions, he will see that happen.

At the Chelsea Economic Development Authority meeting Monday, the board approved spending $15,000 to extend the city’s sewer line to the 100-acre property.

Just last month, CEDA officials questioned the agreement which was made by a previous board. But the issue was approved, contingent upon the property owner acquiring easements that must be granted to the city within 90 days.

Downs’ property was annexed into the city in 1995, and the agreement to provide sewer services was made in 2004.

At that time, Downs said he made a $350 deposit to the city and was told the installation of the sewer extension would take place. The cost to run the sewer line in 2004 was said to be $7,500. That price has doubled and will now cost the city $15,000.

CEDA officials were concerned with running a sewer line to just one home for that amount of money. However, Downs informed the board that companies and developers have inquired about the property and available utilities.

Because Downs did not have an answer for the inquiries, he brought the issue back before CEDA.

According to Mayor Kenny Weast, CEDA decided to approve the sewer line extension Monday because of the inquiries, and to honor the agreement.

“We approved it because we wanted to keep our word, and that property is good development property,” Weast said. “We have the funds available for this project, and it is not dedicated for any other project.”

CEDA requires a property owner to be within 300 feet of the city’s sewer line before they will install a tap. Downs’ property is approximately 337 feet from the city’s line. Down’s agreed to meet the city at the 300 feet cutoff.