May’s building permit figures and approval of the first two preliminary plats in the 3,300-acre Stone Canyon planned unit development (PUD) is enough to convince County Planning Director Chuck Taber that Rogers County’s growth is not stopping.

“Development is still going strong [on the county side]. From what I can see it will continue far into the future,” Taber told the joint City-County Planning Commission last week.

A review of May’s building reports from both city and county, show more than $8.6 million in commercial, residential and industrial construction.

The county was slightly below 2005’s $7.5 million for May and the city was slightly above last year’s $1.3 million.

However, Taber’s positive forecast could be influenced by the movement on the first residential development in Stone Canyon.

The two preliminary plats approved at last week’s meeting identify a 244-acre tract called The Bluffs which will house 169 residential lots and a second 134-acre tract called The Lakes with 114 lots.

The Stone Canyon development is the largest of its kind ever proposed in Rogers County. It is expected to take up to 16 years to fully develop the land situated between 76th Street North, 193rd East Avenue on the east, 46th Street North on the south and 145th East Avenue on the west.

When completed it will include a mixture of high-end single family homes, affordable multi-family dwellings, green space, 640 acres for a park system and hiking area, commercial, industrial and mining activities with the two existing rock quarries, Anchor Stone and Greenhill Materials.

“We are really trying to go above and beyond,” said David Charney, one of the principals involved with the project. Pete Kourtis is another principal.

There are a lot of people with great interest in this project for a good reason,” Charney told the Commission. “We are working very hard to make it very special, very nice and very well planned.”

The project engineer, Kellogg Engineering, presented the plats and explained the specifications will be completely compliant with the new City-County Comprehensive Plan and zoning requirements as well as meet all Department of Environmental Quality standards.

The Owasso Land Trust heads up the project that also includes Tanner Consulting, Benham Community Development and Sherwood Construction.

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