Claremore City Manager Troy Powell told Council members gathered for an emergency meeting Thursday night that the backbone of the City’s electrical system has been restored, but an estimated 290 homes were still without power from service issues which would have to be dealt with on a “house-by-house” basis.

Residents or businesses still without power should contact the City at 341-0456.

“We’ve managed to restore all of the main-line system — there are still some areas we’re working on right now, although we’re going to let the crews go home at 8 tonight as most of them have already worked an average of 76 hours this week, trying to get power back on,” Powell said. “The big parts of our system — the main backbones of our system — are up, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to ‘come on’ as you’ve got the service side of it, where there could be as much damage as there was to our main part. The ‘grid’ could be back up and running, but individual homes could still have line damage.”

Powell said he saw an example of this last night when he and crews were on Dorothy Street and, although the area’s power was being restored, seeing one home with power next to one home without power was common.

“We’re at the point now where, when an area or neighborhood gets fired up, we’ll see a house come on, then nothing, another house come on, then nothing — we’re at the point now where we’re going to get to work on the ‘nothings,’” he said. “Starting (probably on) Saturday, we’re going to divide our electric crews up into two-man groups who will literally take pages of the (electric) reports we have, grouped by addresses, and go house to house.

“We’ll look at their service — if there’s something we can hook up, if there’s nothing wrong with their weather head or (meter) box — and see if we can get them up and running,” he said. “If there is something wrong with their weather head or box, we’ll leave a tag on their doors that we were there, let them know that they need to contact an electrician and after they do, to let the City know and we’ll get them back in the system. At the end of the day, the electric crews will come back and update the information, so every day, we’ll know where we’re at as far as who has power and who doesn’t.”

Powell noted that although the City has issued CodeRed calls and been in touch with the public through the media, some homes without power were clearly less likely to get updates.

At length, Council members unanimously approved the Disaster Emergency Proclamation for the City of Claremore.

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