Organizers for parades down the boulevard, City Lake celebrations and other communitywide get-togethers in Claremore — all defined as special events — will now appear before a newly authorized Special Events Committee and get permission and, in some cases, funding.

Council has approved the SEC ordinance authorizing the formation of the one-stop review city-staffed committee, completing a move which began Dec. 18 when a complementary parade ordinance was adopted.

“This process will streamline the application process and really simplify how we do things,” City Manager Troy Powell told the Council. “It will also help us budget more accurately.

“All groups will be required to come before this group if they plan on hosting a community event that will use

any City related staff or services,” Powell said.

Powell said both the events committee and the parade ordinance are aimed at creating “ efficiency in many of our dealings with outside organizations.”

Oversight of parade permitting as well as any other “special event” will require a SEC recommendation for approval.

The SEC committee is made up of city employees representing event-relevant departments and services, such as police, streets, electric, fire, parks and recreation, sanitation, city manager and city clerk.

Powell said this allows the City to coordinate all requests for funding and city services at one time. The SEC

is recommending body. Applicants may appeal SEC recommendations to the

city manager and the City Council through a public hearing.

On Wednesday, Jan. 31, a meeting of the SEC (Special Events Committee) is slated to allow all entities seeking city-funding for the 2007-2008 fiscal year to submit applications.

Individuals and entities desiring funding should notify City Clerk Nan Pope by noon Jan. 26 that they will be requesting funds and asked to be placed on the Jan. 31 meeting.

“This process establishes a formal way for groups to receive preliminary approval for their requests for city funding, allowing both the City and the entity time to budget for future needs,” Powell said.

Those requesting funds must be prepared to provide date of event, type of event, anticipated attendance, projected revenue, amount requested and any special needs.

Events slated for the Claremore Expo will not be defined as a special event.

Special event/parade fees

City ordinances now require:

$100 per event for non-profit groups (to be applied to any services supplied by the City)

$250 clean-up deposit (refund possible)

Special Event Committee

1:30 p.m., City Hall

Wednesday, Jan. 31

Agenda: Review applications for city funding and event permits.

Information, City Clerk Nan Pope, 341-8842.