For decades, people have been getting their kicks on Route 66.

After last week’s ice storms however, Route 66 has been kicking back in the form of shock-absorber-breaking potholes. So have other major streets within the city limits.

“Our street department crews have been working around the clock from Friday, Jan. 12 through Sunday, Jan. 21, and we had two patch crews out Monday morning to fill pot holes,” said Daryl Golbek, director of public infrastructure, City of Claremore. “For some reason, Highway 66 seems to have been affected the most, but there were also some major pot holes on the service road along (Highway) 66 and Davis Street, as well as some on J.M. Davis and South Muskogee.”

Unlike potholes formed from natural aging or heavy objects being dropped onto pavement, the recent outbreak of potholes in the city comes from ice melting and refreezing on and in the streets.

“The damage is cause from moisture getting into the seams or joints on streets and then freezing and breaking up the pavement,” he said. “Our crews Monday were filling potholes, although with the dampness still on the roads, the patches won’t bond very well.

Golbek added that road crews will continue to make repairs

to city streets as needed and “keep an eye” on streets already repaired to ensure no further repairs

are needed.